How to contact me

Thank you for reading my webpages. I hope you enjoyed them and that the content was helpful or meaningful. I would welcome your feedback.

It is best to contact me by e-mail. The address is below. I don't like to receive spam and other unwanted e-mail, so I unfortunately won't make it that easy for you to contact me by providing an easy-to-use link that spiders and other automated scanning programs can also discover to harvest this e-mail address. Nor am I currently using a website that allows me to put a response form.

Instead, the image below should contain my e-mail address in a form that you can retype in your favorite e-mail program.

In case you can't read it, try typing my first name, an underscore, my last name, another underscore, and finally "dbq" (the abbreviation for my town), all as one word. The e-mail address is a Yahoo! Mail address, so add "" after an @ sign.

I hope to hear from you. Bye.

Kevin Anderson
Dubuque, Iowa

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