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Focusing Primarily on Interests in
Army Air Force Aviation during World War II,
Plus Amateur ("Ham") Radio, Shortwave Listening, and Geography

The following webpages and documents are contained on this site.

World War II Aviation:

Amateur Radio:

I have been a licensed amateur radio operator since 1993, originally as KB9IUA, but currently with the callsign K9IUA. My particular interest is in operating at low power, typically 5 watts and less, using both Morse code (CW) and voice (SSB). This low-powered operation is known as "QRP" after the old Q-signal for "Shall I lower power?".

For almost the entire time I have been licensed, I have been a regular subscriber to an ongoing e-mail forum/listserve, QRP-L, that has existed on various websites through the years. Back in the mid-1990s, folks on that e-mail listserve started a CW operating event known as the "QRP-L Foxhunt," which had designated operators (known as the "Fox" or "Foxii") get on once or twice a week, at designated times, with the rest of us (known as "Hounds") trying to work them. Each contact (earning a "pelt") was worth one point. Over the course of the Foxhunt season, hounds worked individually or in teams to contact as many Foxii as possible, which was a form of low-key contesting geared both to get more QRP operators on the air and to build skills in operating.

The following two documents (.txt documents; use your "back" button to return) are collections of e-mails from the QRP-L forum, documenting the beginnings and first year of the QRP-L Foxhunts (which are still ongoing, by the way). I created these two documents back in December 2000 as a courtesy and archive for the QRP-L online community:

I'm also partial to amateur radio equipment built by the Ten-Tec Company of Sevierville, Tennessee. In January 2001, using help from folks on another e-mail forum I was a part of, I put together information on the lineage of the various models of radios that Ten-Tec had produced up until that time. Here is that document:

Post Oil Geography

Educated as a geographer, and formerly a college professor of the same, I am still very much interested in water resources and climate studies, as well living within the Earth's resources. Of particular interest of me lately is the fact that petroleum and natural gas are finite resources, and we are running out of both. Given that our entire life style is built on the ready availability of these resources, to run out of both resources will be significant for all of us. And running out is what we are doing! To this end, I've created a blog that I occasional post to on the topic. If you are interested, please look at my Post Oil Geography blog.

In combination with my radio interests, here is document I typed up to describe the various two-way radio options that might be used for communication backup into the future.


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